12 Steps Think And Grow Rich

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Publish On: Apr 22, 2020

Think and grow rich in 12 steps
L. Burning desire you must be in love with your goal.
2. Absolute faith no matter what.
3. Self talk say your goal to yourself twice a day in the present tense.
4. Specialize become the expert in one narrow focus.
5. Imagination "what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve".
6. Plan make a plan, work the planβ€’
7. Take massive action decide now, decide promptly,the universe loves speed.
8. Be persistent never give up... Ever!.
9. Rebound from failure nobody is successful all the time with everything they try to do.
10. Collaborate working with others can make you more effective.
11. Take risks with risk comes a fire, a burning push to keep you going.
12. Self-improvement growth in yourself eventually leads you to new opportunities.
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