7 Secrets For Creating A Professional Brand

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Publish On: Aug 30, 2022

1. Don't use your logo font elsewhere, Consider some of the most recognizable brands like Coca-Cola or Nike. Do you see them use their logo fonts on any of their other graphics? Very rarely, if ever.

2. Create one stand-out feature. A good logo is one that anyone can draw fairly accurately from memory. Your logo should be simple and distinct.

3. Choose contrasting fonts. The best font pairings are usually those that are very different from one another, either in category, size, or weight.

4. Utilize hierarchy. Good designers intentionally use it to call your attention to the things they want you to look at first, second, third, etc.

5. Use a range of values in your color palette. A well-balanced color palette includes a good mix of light, dark, and mid-tones, regardless of the type of color scheme, it uses (monochromatic, analogous, or complementary.

6. Pay attention to white space. Placing your text in the negative space of an image make your text easier to read, but it helps your text stand out.

7. Maintain consistency. Don't frequently switch up the core elements of your brand. Brand recognition is formed by using the same design elements repeatedly.

All photos design by Faiza Mehdi, If you like her professional branding tips, Hire her.

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