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Publish On: Aug 28, 2022

  1. Colors play the most vital role in setting the right mood for the app users. Different colors signal various concepts to the senses and are aimed toward prompting the desired goals.
  2. Images are a core Ul element and the layout is pretty much designed around them. Also, good imagery is more than enough to put a lasting effect on a user's mind.
  3. How you place your text defines whether or not people are going to read it. A great UI designer ensures that their design qualifies for maximum readability.
  4. Icons boost visual interests and recognizability. People are more likely to interact and take action with icons and that's why smart designers incorporate this element widely.
  5. The First impression is highly significant. A slider is usually the first thing a website visitor views and interacts with and filling it with animations will only make things more wonderful.
Design credit goes to the respected Sania Raza. If you want to hire her, feel free to follow her.

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