7 Great Books to Read This Summer Of 2023!

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to escape! Escape to the nearest beach or a vacation hideaway where you can sit back, read, and forget about the struggle of life. No matter your reasons for escaping this season, there’s no better way to do it than reading a good book. Reading is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in another world, forget stress, problems, and bad days, and rejuvenate. With so many great books published yearly, you’ll never run out of good reads. Online libraries such as Zlibrary, Project Gutenberg, and Internet Archive help locate and download reading materials immediately. But which books should you read in the summer? Here is our list of 7 Great Books To Read This Summer Of 2023!

  1. Everything I Know About Love

Writer: Dolly Alderton

Writer and retired Sunday Times writer Dolly Alderton has experienced all the struggles and victories of growing up. She beautifully describes how she found love, found work, got drunk, got rejected, and realized that Ivan from the corner shop could be the only trustworthy guy in her life and that no one could measure up to her best buddies in her biography. Everything I Know About Love is about having unsuccessful dates, making friends, and, most importantly, understanding that you are sufficient.

  1. Dinner with the Schnabels

Writer: Toni Jordan

Simon Larsen’s recent experiences could have been more pleasant. He cherished his wife Tansy and his kids but couldn’t get out of bed since his company failed, and he forfeited the current house. Both Simon’s unemployment and his lack of shaving are everlasting. Simon must complete one small task to keep everybody content. He’s got an entire week to design a friend’s lawn in time for a significant Schnabel celebratory dinner. However, as the week goes on, Simon’s plans are sidetracked by the appearance of an uninvited guest. Then he finds out Tansy is hiding something. Who can Simon rely on when his life swings out of hand when the cards are down?

  1. The Book Of Roads And Kingdoms

Writer: Richard Fidler

The Book of Roads & Kingdoms tells the tale of the ancient nomads who ventured to the outer reaches of the known universe during the fabled Golden Age of Islam. As the City of Peace when it was created, Imperial Baghdad grew fast to become the most extensive and wealthiest city on the globe. The city’s founders announced from above each of its four gates. The people of Baghdad were captivated by the universe and everything within it, and there was a thriving civilization of science, art, and philosophy.

These businessmen, ambassadors, warriors, and philosophers left behind the urban delights of Baghdad to go by camel, horse, and ship into the unfamiliar, motivated by their Prophet’s exhortation to seek the truth throughout the globe. When they eventually returned from these far-off exotic locations, the travelers recorded their experiences in factual and magical tales of amazement, fear, and joy.

  1. The Faraway World: Stories

Writer: Patricia Engel

On the gloomy sidewalks of New York City, two strangers from Colombia who suffer from traumatic memories cross paths. The love of a woman’s life arrives from Ecuador for a one-night trip as she learns that her late brother’s remains have been taken in Cuba. Miami is the setting for a cash-strapped pair’s life-changing venture. These delicate and expansive tales vividly depict the liminality of sorrow, the vitality of the neighborhood, and the heroic acts and private moments of love.

  1. Central Places

Writer: Delia Cai

As quickly as middle school was over, Audrey Zhou left her tiny hometown of Hickory Grove in rural Illinois and never returned. She relocated to New York and transformed into the woman she had always envisioned herself to be, equipped with a demanding career that paid well and arrived with a perfect fiancé in Ben. Audrey can no longer follow Ben, a native of Manhattan, hidden from the people she left home if they are to start a life together in the perfect home his parents would undoubtedly purchase. But getting back to Hickory Grove is difficult. Audrey’s mom’s excessive demands and insults have strained their connection throughout the years. Her acquaintances, who she left behind in favor of higher aspirations, have remained and begun families.

  1. Black Candle Women

Writer: Diane Marie Brown

They have shared their charming two-story cottage in California for ages with a dynasty of Montrose ladies. Their library of tinctures and potions serves as an unseen tie among them. They stay alone and never leave their house. However, their tranquil routines are upended when 17-year-old Nickie Montrose brings home a guy for the first time. Nickie’s romance will finish before it starts since the other ladies have kept the truth from her. A long-standing family premonition that anyone they are in love with will pass away. Each individual in the family must face their own previous decisions and failures to tell Nickie this reality.

  1. Malibu Rising

Writer: Taylor Jenkins Reid

The only individual who is not excited about the celebration of the season is Nina since she has never liked to be the center of attraction and because her professional tennis player husband publicly dumped her. While the girl he is constantly thinking about pledges to be there when dusk arrives, Jay is counting down the seconds. And Kit has a few secrets of her own, including a visitor she unexpectedly invited. The celebration will get out of hand by night. The Riva home will be in flames by daybreak. However, the booze will pour, the song will stream, and the emotions and mysteries that have defined this family’s centuries will all bubble to the top before that initial fire in the early hours of the morning.

Final Words

Reading is one of the best ways to escape into another world. It’s also an excellent activity that allows you to reflect on your life. Reading can be any genre, from crime thrillers to fairy tales. Reading a good book will help you escape into another world, make you more knowledgeable about different cultures, and also enable you to improve your spatial awareness. If you are looking for good books to read this summer that is guaranteed not to disappoint, the list above is the best recommendations that you can find on free online libraries like Zlibrary!


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