With over a million accounts on Instagram, It might be a little challenging to differentiate yourself from others. However, using a credible Instagram grid maker is among the best methods to highlight yourself from a crowd.

So, with our Instagram grid maker, you may create a personal theme or you can link numerous posts via a puzzle.

But before we tell you how to style your Instagram grid, let's give you short background information on what the Instagram grid is all about.

What is Instagram Grid?

Instagram Grids are what people view when they visit the profile of your Instagram account.

To understand what we're saying, simply login to your Instagram, click on a user's name (profile), and scroll down the bio and highlights. That's it.

Further, Instagram's Grid Layout usually looks like a magazine because it gives a colorful overview of a brand's identity.

Additionally, a quick scan can give the user an idea of what the profile is all about. It is a final impression a user views before thinking whether or not to press the large blue “Follow” option.

What Functions Does the Instagram Grid Maker Perform

As you may be familiar, Instagram presents your posts in a 3-column format. Therefore, many professionals focus on the general 3x3 grid (3 columns and 3 rows) to maximize this arrangement by using Instagram grid maker.

So, with the help of our Instagram grid maker, you can create an overall theme using 9-posts (a 3x3 grid) for your profile and can grab the attention of your audience.

Then what are you waiting for?

Let’s have a look at the steps on how to make a grid on Instagram by using our grid maker.

Steps to make the Instagram grid with our grid maker

If you're hunting for a way to create an Instagram grid online, then you should try our Instagram grid maker. Using it is very easy and it also provides the best quality results. so, the following steps will guide you on how to use our Instagram grid maker and enhance the beauty of your profile.

  1. Simply click on the upload photo button and select the photo you want to upload.
  2. Chose the area of the image in the selection grid and then press the Go button.
  3. After the progress bar has been completed, click Split Image to start the upload of the image.
  4. Now the image will begin processing in the very next stage. Kindly wait for a few seconds to allow the Instagram Grid Maker Tool to work.
  5. After that the Download Zip button will be highlighted on your screen. Click on it.
  6. Your whole collection of split photographs will be included in a zip file. Extract it and submit it in the manner shown by the picture.
  7. That's all, Now just have fun by making more Instagram posts using a 3 grid.
  8. Additionally, now your posts and images will be seen by more people because each photo contains its own name and description that attract the audience. Moreover, you may also design puzzles by applying Grid Maker for IG.

    Sum Up

    If you're into Instagram photography, then you'll love using our 3-grid system. This will help you produce great photos that are well-composed and look great on your feed.

    Plus, it's a lot of fun to play around with different compositions and see what works best for your style.

    Hope this article will help you to make your profile look professional with the help of our Instagram grid maker.

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