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You must have looked at those almost perfect photos by the Instagram celebrities, in a state of awe, and wondered what makes their photos so perfect?

The answer is simple. Not all, but most of them use just basic filters. It may be only a single filter or a sandwich of filters, one on top of another. Editing is a tough art to master and not a lot of us have either the time or the energy to master this— but, filters are very easy to manage.

Those days are now gone where you could only use Instagram filters on your mobile phones. We had to use the original app but now we can enjoy the same luxury from anywhere using our website. We have a large variety of filters and you can try Instagram filters online here.

Here is the list of best Instagram photo filters you can use online for free:


The most famous and widely used Instagram filter online is normal. It does not mean that people have stopped editing or tweaking their photos. It just means that simplicity is the best fashion, most of the time. You never want to overdo things.

If someone has already done a bit of editing and considers their photo to be perfect then what’s the need to add more filters?


This cool filter makes your images perfect by brightening, highlighting, and intensifying the true colors in the image-making them pop. This filter changes the colors of the image greatly and therefore is a fan favorite. For anyone who wants to get a nice edited image but is short on the skillset, this is the best filter.


If you want the classic black and white sort of image, then you must try this unique Instagram filter online. It adds a black tone to the whole image giving it the classic/vintage texture. This filter looks equally great whether you use it on human subjects or landscapes.

Just as the moon makes the whole scene dark and romantic— this filter gives the images the much-needed shadow and darkness element.


Gingham gives the images a more yellowish tone. It increases the saturation a little and makes the image look better. The brightness is slightly reduced.  For a landscape portrait, it’s perfect. You might not love it as much as the other Instagram filters, but it surely deserves the chance to be tried at least once.


This filter takes your images back to the old days adds a classic old look to the images. It adds that winter or autumn texture to the images. If you are a fan of autumn soft colors, then this is the best Instagram filter for you. It adds a brownish hue to your pictures.


This filter as the name suggests adds a clarity factor to the image. Without making it look fake, it simply tones down the brightness and adds a bit of contrast making the image look much clearer.

Click here to try this filter now.


Just like red is the color of love. This filter adds red shade to the whole image and creates a romantic portrait of any ordinary image.

Click here to try this filter now.


This filter adds a bit of shadow around the edges creating a vignette effect. It instantly makes the subject in the middle stand out and more prominent from all the background.

Click here to try this filter now.


Why were free Instagram filters introduced?

Instagram filters have been around for several years now and they started as single and easy filters. But, slowly they have evolved into several filters, which have almost replaced photoshop and other major editing apps for beginners.

Before filters, editing was very complex and only a few skilled individuals were able to add beauty using this complex procedure.

Filters are made using preset values for brightness, saturation, and shadow, etc. Further, you may tweak them a bit to adjust according to your preference by increasing or decreasing the filter's effect.

How to use the free Instagram filters online?

Here is the guide on how you can use the free Instagram filter feature on mobile or PC:

Step 1- Go to our website.

Step 2- Click on select photo.

Step 3- Browser your computer and locate your favorite picture.

Step 4- Select a filter from the various free online filters available.

Step 5- Once you are done selecting the right filter just click on download HD image.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram filters

Filters are very easy to use and almost everyone can use them with no need for prior tech knowledge. One needs to take care of a few things in order to produce the best images, which not only look great but are great.

1-Don't overdo the filter

While using a filter, be sure to keep it moderate and not too much. Overdoing it makes it all look fake and amateur work. For professionals, this thing is very important to have an image to uphold.

You might be wondering that filters are good. They add beauty, so why is there the issue of overdoing it?

So, let me show you an example of what is a moderate filter and what is too much filter.

2- Be consistent

When you are trying to build a big brand or image, you need to be more consistent. Different filters can show inconsistency and an unprofessional approach to work. Therefore, most professionals keep a certain vibe to their social media profiles. They always use the same or very similar filter which reflects their brand or personal image. Here consistency is the key to success.

3-Stay updated

New filters are always being added to the Instagram app and similarly, more options are available online. Be sure to always keep a nice and updated filter that can add a touch of modernism to your profile. Follow the trends and update your profile accordingly.


Filters have taken over social media in a very short time. You can always find a filter that reciprocates your taste and personality. If you do not like to keep a lot of apps on your phone, we got you covered with our growing collection of Instagram filters.

So, you can easily access and use these filters on your smartphone or PC. Go ahead and try these amazing filters because the future is filtered.

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