Get Access Token Facebook

Things you must know Before getting Facebook Access Token

Location Block (First Time Login):If It's You're First Time to get Access Token, Then Your Account Will Get A Location Block Checkpoint. Hence You'll See "Your Account Had Got A Location Block or You must Verify your Account" Error. So we recommend you to use your facebook account for 5,10 minute on your browser not facebook app. Just Login To Your Facebook Account (On Your Browser) And Tap/Click On "This Was Me" On The Location Block.

Make Sure That You Already Logged In Your Facebook Account In This Browser, So Facebook Will Not Force You To Change Password Or Security Check

Step1: Login to Browser Like Google Chrome where you regularly use Facebook.

( Type your e-mail/username and password to get the access token )

  • Step:2 Copy your random Code which look like this and paste in Extract Token Section and click Extract Token Button

    ( Extract Token )

    Step 3:Click on Copy Button and follow link Activate Your Friend Post Liker