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Are you looking for the best tool to split your images online easily? Well, your search ends here! 

Our image splitter tool is totally free to use with no signup required, no hidden payments, and no other limitations. So, you can easily split any number of pictures without any restrictions.

Introduction to Image Splitter Tool

Image Splitter is an online tool that divides an image into various pieces in your desired direction (horizontal, vertical, or both). It cuts your selected photo area into exact-sized smaller pieces, which is not easy to achieve accurately by ourselves. This tool adds an image splitter to your picture and asks you to drag or set the splitter on your desired position to split that image area into pieces.

Above all, it helps you create an engaging and professional image gallery, website, or attractive Instagram profile in seconds.

How to Split Your Photos Using Our Tool?

To split your image, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start with uploading the picture you want to split. To upload the image, simply click the “Upload photo” button.

It will take you to your gallery, where you can select any desired picture.

Step 2: After selecting a photo, your image will appear on the image splitter tool. Here, you can select the image area you want to cut by dragging the square box available on your screen.

You can crop, zoom in, or zoom out the image to set the size. Also, you can rotate the image to the left or right by choosing the arrow options down the splitting tool. Now, simply click “Go” to proceed.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds until the tool loads your picture. Once the loading process is done, you will see the “Split image” option. Click on it.

Step 4: Here, your image is ready to download. You can download all the pieces of the image at once by simply clicking the “Download Zip” option. Further, to directly share this picture on any of your platforms, select the “Share” option that appears after selecting the download zip option.

Besides, if you want to download only one piece of the image instead of all the pieces, click the “Download” option available on the specific image.

And here you have it!

Why Use an Online Image Splitter?

You can use an image splitter for the following reasons:

  1. With an image splitter, you can easily divide a large photo or an Instagram puzzle feed into a 9×9 grid layout, which creates weeks of content, especially for social media influencers, in a few clicks.
  2. You do not need to download any image-splitting app. Our online tool works on your phone or desktop right from your browser.
  3. An eye-catching, creatively split image can catch the audience's attention and leave the best impression, which increases followers and social engagement.
  4. Creating a split image for your profile or social media makes your profile attractive and unique, which shows your professionalism and leads followers or audience to trust you and see you as a believable and trustworthy source.
  5. Additionally, if you run an online shop, this tool can help showcase your product from different angles to provide a clear view to your customers.
  6. If you are a photographer, this tool can help you show your photography skills by making stunning image galleries that display your best work.

Is Our Image Splitter Tool Loses Picture Quality?

No! Our image splitter tool never compromises your image's quality. It depends on the quality of your image. You will surely get excellent results if your original picture is high quality.

However, there may be a slight difference in photo sharpness because of the zooming process. Despite this, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results of your split images.

Are Your Images Secured?

Yes! We understand that security is everyone’s priority. Our split image tool divides the image, we don’t share your pictures to other servers or third party sites, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your image. All users uploaded or generated data removed from the site after 30 minutes.

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