Why Simple Design Is Harder By Sania Raza

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Publish On: Aug 29, 2022

If I had More Time would have written a Shorter Letter. -Blaise Pascal-

It is easy to write a Long and Boring Letter. As it is easy to design Hard and Complex interface.

Simplifying Requires more time and more thinking.

Simple can be harder than complex. -Steve Jobs

You have to work hard to get your thinking clean. To make it simple.

User appreciate the simple design even if they don't say it.

You will hate rarely find people who hate Apple's Website Design.


  • Read the content thrice to cut down the unnecessary.
  • Stop stating the obvious.
  • Remove every element from a design that doesn't have a purpose.
  • Don't overuse colors in design.
  • Think from the reader's perspective.
Photos credit goes to Respected Sania Raza. She is graphic designer. If you want to hire her DM her.